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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "SPP Profile URL"?
A: An “SPP Profile URL” is a direct link to your personal SPP Profile. Your friends use it to visit your page. An example of a SPP Profile URL is maroselis.spp.com.

Q: How often do you add and restock items?
A: You can follow us on Twitter or add us on Myspace or Facebook. Whenever we restock or add new items, we will always keep you updated from there!

Q: How long does it take to receive my items that I ordered?
A: We ask our customers to allow a 12 hour window between placing your order and receiving your order. Though it never has taken us 12 hours to deliver, if we are backed up we just ask you to be as patient as you can. Most orders are delivered within the same hour they are placed, in some cases it only takes a few minutes.

Q: Do you purchase SPP accounts?
A:  Unfortunately we are no longer purchasing accounts. We are very well stocked, and SPP will be coming to an end 6 months from 8/26/2011. You can read more about the closing of SPP here: http://superpokepets.com/spp/playground/topic?tid=NR-E22TQmdrGOvC-DxC2Ug&click_source=11#page=1&page_token=0bpLmxnHt-DItWdzohaP08Fe8LHpE9B0GjJLH_GBTppHnRsPWKtGaiBvFnL6g1IxutsYRejOLeT7P3c9C59O0A

Q: How do I use a coupon?

A: Go here to learn more about how to use coupons.

Q: Do you work for or with Slide/SuperPoke! Pets?
A: No, we are in no way affiliated with Slide. We are SuperPoke! Pet users just like you, but we just happen to sell items and own a store. We are an Authorized Reseller under Slide, though we are in no way connected with them personally. Any questions/suggestons you have for Slide/SuperPoke! Pets should be mentioned to them in their forums. You can post suggestions for Slide in the Suggestions forum located here: superpokepets.com/spp/suggestions?se=UNqgTVyfhzazhEvuegmTH0pFs90cd7B3vb-c-dfF72lYY-uYf_p7hwUsWz5NVJEmdhh-u-wAk7MRGFFuPHIRWgx6YTY6HbLmYDO_oS-IeWw82CGzxx-GHD_oJPmNBQ7qUofgsTyi0wc. If you have questions about SuperPoke! Pets you can find/ask questions here: slide.custhelp.com/app/home/.

Q: Are you connected to or affiliated with any other stores that sell SuperPoke! Pet items?
A: No, we are not affiliated with any other store.

Q: Are you affiliated with SPPDB.com and/or SPPAddict.net?
A: Yes, SPPStore.com owns and operates SPPDB.com. SPPDB.com was created in order to help SPP users out with information such as Pet Levels, when certain items were released, the average Paypal price for items and other fun information pertaining to SPP.com. We are also partnered with SPPAddict.net, though we do not run and/or operate SPPAddict.net. We help SPPAddict.net maintain their website.

Q: Can I use my SuperPoke! Pet Gold on my SPP account to purchase items in your store?
A: No, unfortunately you cannot use Gold to purchase items in our store, as we are not affiliated with Slide/SuperPoke! Pets.

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards or any other form of payment other than Paypal?
A: Unfortunately right now we are only accepting Paypal as a form of payment. We hope to have other options available for our customers soon though!

Q: I lost my password and I have not received the Reset Password email, how do I access my account?
A: You may email us at any time and we will reset the password for you right away!

Q: Do you have a Newsletter, if so what information does the Newsletter contain?
A: Yes, we do have a Newsletter! We send out Newsletters everytime we have new coupons or when new items are added/restocked. Make sure you opt in, otherwise you will not receive a Newsletter. You can opt in through your Account Settings on SPPStore.com!


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