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I'm not even going to lie, at first, I was skeptical. I thought this had to be a major scam, but this is the best decision I have made!! I have been searching for the Halloween TM kay bear for months!! Going through trades that wanted two or three rare gold items. :( But I thought that this was worth the try and it was perfect! Instead of two to three items that were 60 gold each, I got it for a stellar price! Love this site! Highly recommend it to all!! LaShontray Chambers http://adventphantom.spp.com
I absolutely love shopping in the SPPStore! :) I have only been playing SPP since November of 2009 and I have missed a bunch of cool stuff that came out before I joined. This site has helped me to finally be able to get the items that I have been searching for. I wanted a TM Cheer Frog so badly and I couldn't find anyone willing to give me a fair trade. I was finally able to just purchase my beloved TM Cheer Frog here without all the drama. Personally, I would rather search for the items that I want on here and just pay for them, rather than run around and attempt to:

a.) find my desired item on another player's have list and b.) attempt to get a trade done without feeling that I am taken advantage of.

I am a total frog fanatic and I have been so happy to be able to find a majority of the Gold frog items that I wanted so badly on this site, as well as other items. I have been telling my SPP friends about this site and how easy it is to use as well. I must have been living under a rock or something because I didn't even know about this awesome site until the last week or so of April, when I got an email from SPPAddict.net with a coupon offer to use on here. I have never been so happy to find a web site before! ;)

Delivery time is so quick too. I love the fact that the items just show up in my inventory. I love the fact that there is a Wish List too. I would never be able to keep track of what I need to get now because the stock is running low or what items I can wait on for a little bit to buy. I feel like a little kid in a candy shop while on here sometimes. : ) I either wasn't around when it was released originally or I wasn't buying gold when it did come out. I didn't actually start purchasing any gold items until February. The site is also so easy to navigate through out, with the various filters and separate categories.

This site has been an absolutely positive experience for me and I now have a whole new level of enjoyment in the game because thanks to Kendra, I have been able to get the items I wanted so badly. Kendra ROCKS!!! Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this amazing site. :) Carmen R. Campbell http://carmenprince.spp.com
I ordered an older gold item from the SPPstore. The price was great and delivery was super fast. Thanks so much :) Kiesha Smartt http://queenkiesha.spp.com
I love shopping at the SPP Store, it's so fast and easy and there are products that I would never have been able to get any other way. Thanks SPP Store ^.^ Debbie http://mak29.spp.com
It is very easy to shop and within the hour I have received my items. I Love SPP's [SuperPoke! Pets] and will continue to play. Jennifer Phillips http://jenala27.spp.com
I shop through Paypal. The transactions are fast and smooth and after the first one, which took a little longer, delivery is very very fast. I'm so happy to get hold of some older stock that is quite hard to come by in-game. :o) Very happy customer. SD Cayo-Evans http://mokedragon.spp.com
SPP store is just GREAT! Always clear, always quick delivery and excellent service! I just LOVE it! :) Sonia Haro Naranjo http://isoldasfriends.spp.com
My items have always been delivered in a timely fashion, and I have been happy with the prices. Between the two pets I have, I have placed a total of around 10 orders. Top quality service! Deborah Anselmi http://milliondollartoni.spp.com
We happened on this by mistake, through SPPaddict and boy I am glad we found it. What a cool way to get some of the stuff you aren't able to get otherwise! Fast, reliable and secure! Would definitely recommend to others. Cyndi http://mydillweed.spp.com
I had so much fun shopping! I almost found everything that I have on my want list. There were items that I had never seen before! The selection was great & the service wonderful! I have to keep coming back because there are so many things that I want. The prices are reasonable too! Mellanie Maxfield http://superpokepets.com/spp/profile?uid=GRVYJXh-p9x5YSYoUVyXJg
I love this store and how prompt and nice they are. Many thanks for a wonderful service. Patricia A Burke-Grubbs http://emilyelizabeth.spp.com
I have enjoyed buying items on spp they always get to ya in a timely fashion and they even have chatted with me a bit in the past. I recommend spp store to anyone wanting items after sell out.I do wish they could get there hands on the gold monkey punching bag the only item I need to complete my monkey collection. I am having the worse time trying to get it. HUGS to all. Rebecka Lee Harris http://love310.spp.com
I can't say enough wonderful things about this site and Kendra. The web site was easy to use, even for me - a non-technical person. Kendra was very patient and walked me through each step explaining in detail what I needed to do. She waited for me to complete each step - even when I couldn't figure out what I was doing! The live chat option was a life saver. Once purchased the item immediately appeared in my SPP items and I was able to post my new masterpiece immediately. I could not be happier with the site, the customer service and the response time. You have made my day and I will be shopping with you many more times! Thank you! Tammy Mar http://tammymar.spp.com
SPPStore.com ROCKS!!!! Alot of items to select from & fantastic pricing!!!! Kendra is THE BOMB!!!! Very personal & awesome in customer service....I received my order without a glitch & was very suprised to have them sent to my inventory so quickly & without any problems!!! I have already recommended this site to many SPP friends....And they too have placed orders & were very pleased with the excellent customer service & great deals!!!!! I LOOOOOVE SPPStore,com....and plan on doing ALOT more business with them in the future!!!! It was such a pleasure doing business with them & I will continue to do so....And also highly recommend others to check out the site for the large selection of items they have available & fantastic pricing!!!! :) Kathleen McBride http://katmcbride1960.spp.com
The shopping is easy, purchases are quickly delivered, & if there I ever have a question, it is answered promptly & completely!! Great site, great crew runnin it!! Carol Koerperich http://clkchoco.spp.com
I have purchased items from the SPP Store twice and I could not be happier. The items were in my inventory within 1 to 2 hours. So happy to have this option. Kendra is awesome. Keep up the good work. Yvonne Serwetnyk http://ivanski88.spp.com
GREAT SITE TO GET THINGS I WANT. THANKS KENDRA! Kathy Monk http:////kizas.spp.com
Great Store!!! Linda Wutke http://deewtk.spp.com
I was able to purchase multiple items that had been on my want list forever. All delivered right to my inbox very quickly and at a reasonable price. I will definitely buy from here again and recommend the store to everyone. Shelly Brubaker http://sillymonkeyjimbob.spp.com
I love the items that are stocked and the prices are reasonable. Thanks, Kendra, for a wonderful experience. Fast deliveries, always~ Trudy Pinnell http://tjpinnell.spp.com
I found what I wanted and after paying the delivery was fast. I'm thrilled that I could find the gold items I'd been looking for. Louise Hill http://loubob.spp.com
I like this store because i can get items that are sold out on spp game. Leighann Nye http://queenzoey.spp.com
Best place to find those rare things!!! Fast service Jerrie Wolfe http://laprerm.spp.com
I was afraid at first because I thought that it might be a scam to get my money. I was wrong. I always get what I pay for and in a speedy manner. I aslo loved the ten percent discount that I received on my first three orders. Boy I love this store, because I love shopping here. The prices are right and I can get things that I can not get anywhere else. I love the SPP Store. O.K. I will admit that I window shop here at least three times a week and I just recommended this store to 3 of my dearest friends. Irene-Monique Powell http://irene-monique.spp.com
No haggling'...
Stock clearly indicated...
Delivery prompt...
Payment simple...
Option of Pdf invoice...

Will be a returning customer! Tricia COhen http://divadymond.spp.com
Awesome finds! Found items I thought I would never get and the inventory is updated and changes! Super cool totally worth it! I'm SPP addicted and SPPStore addict too! Got to go going shopping :D Jessica http://mjal65.spp.com
Easy search engine. Found just what I wanted and checked out in no time. Only took a few minutes and my items appeared. I couldn't be happier. I would totally recommend this site to all my friends. Thank you for the great service. Andrea Avoian http://524.spp.com
I was looking for one specific thing. I found it and MUCH more. I spent way too much money but got tons of sold out and hard to find items. Thanks :) Brenna Williams http://puppylovins.spp.com

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