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About Us

Our Company

SPPStore.com was launched on August 26th, 2009. It was created in order to provide a safer and easier alternative to buying items in the SPP forums. SPP Store provides sold out, rare and highly sought after items at a discounted price. Our number one goal is to keep our customers satisfied. We were the very first third-party online store for selling SuperPoke! Pets items, and we are currently the only company on Slide, Inc.'s Authorized Reseller list.

Our Team

Kendra Wilcox - Co-Owner/Designer

Kyle Ross - Co-Owner/Developer

Order Delivery

Once your Payment has been verified, you will receive an Invoice at the Email you used to purchase the item(s). Please allow up to 12 hours for delivery of your item(s). It will usually take a few minutes to deliver items, but depending on how backed up we are it may take longer. If you are worried about the items you purchased, you may contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

When receiving items, you will never have to accept the items as a "Gift" like you do elsewhere. When we have sent your order, items are placed directly into your inventory so you do not have to accept each individual item. You will always receive another confirmation Email showing what exactly was sent, and when. You will receive the Item Delivery email directly from "[email protected]."

You never need to send us a Friend Request to receive items. This saves a lot of time, as orders for new customers are able to be sent 100% faster. If you wish to add us as a friend anyways, you can add Kendra at http://maroselis.spp.com!

Data Security

We take our customers information privacy very seriously, and our customers' information will never be sold to third parties. We use strong 256-bit SSL encryption and authentication as well as 24x7 monitory to strategically protect sensitive data while giving you peace of mind. Our servers are hosted in a secure datacenter in Scranton, PA. The datacenter features failsafe UPS generators, precision-controlled raised floor air conditioning systems, restricted access, and 24 hour security.

Contact Information

SPP Store
[email protected]


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